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'Remo Undelete' is our top rated data recovery software. The powerful technology performs the most extensive search of deleted files and when combined with its ease of use, its unbeatable.
Overall Score: 97%
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REMO Undelete isn't a very well known data recovery program but its definitely a jewel in the rough. We've given it the number one position in our top ten list for a number of reasons reasons, including the speed that it works at, its powerful effectivness and its value for money. Lets find out more about REMO undelete...

As usual we'll start at the website, which for this software is simple and easy to navigate through. REMO undelete costs $49 but before you purchase you can download a free trial which shows you the files that can be recovered before you purchase. Sadly, you can't recover anything before purchasing.

Purchasing, downloading and installing REMO undelete is a quick and easy process. The software itself is very simple and using it is self explanatory. There are not many options within the program, which we like as it keeps everything very easy. Recovering files with REMO is a case of choosing the drive you wish to recover from and clicking next. That's it!

The scan itself is amazingly quick – one of the quickest we've seen. The scan of a small drive will literally take a few seconds. Once the scan is complete your taken to the recovery screen, which is again very simple. This section is set out in a 'windows explorer' style so you'll instantly know how to use it. You can browse through folders to see which files you need to recover.

At this point you can either select everything to restore the entire drive or you can select files and folders individually and recover just them. There is also a handy 'search' function to search for a specific file. Once you've decided what to recover you can simply click to save to finish the process, which again is very quick.

All in all, REMO undelete is a great data recovery program that is very quick. This may not be the best option for recovering entire drives but if you've lost certain files its great. As with most data recovery software, you can check to see what can be recovered before you purchase so its well worth looking at.

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We hope you've found this review helpful. We've reviewed more data recovery software and compiled a top ten list on our homepage. To see which software we think is the best click here.

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